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Schooling out of the Arena.
Is your arena very wet? Here are some alternatives ideas to schooling your horse in the arena. Helping you and your horse to build strength, fitness, straightness, suppleness and keeping your horse fresh.

Hacking can also very good time to be focusing on your position in the saddle, improving....
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Training horses with Mental and Physical Issues.
I am so very fortunate to have such a satisfying and rewarding job; over the years, I have seen amazing improvements to several of my clients’ horses that have needed mental and physical rehabilitation due to various circumstances, I commend the dedication, hard work and patience of all of these clients.

One particular horse that springs to mind was mentally shut down and had been for sometime; he didn’t want to be caught from the field, was biting his owner also napping and rearing when he was ridden, this was triggered by......
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